Why Is My Nissan Leaf Not Charging? 5 Possible Reasons.




Why is my nissan leaf not charging. image of a silver nissan leaf charging

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Whether you have an electric car to lower your carbon footprint, to combat rising fuel prices, or just because you like the car, the one thing all electric vehicles need to do is recharge. However, as simple as the process is, there are still some things that can go wrong and leave people wondering why is my Nissan Leaf not charging. With over half a million sales, today we answer why your Nissan Leaf isn’t charging.

A defective charging port, cable, or charging station are the most common problems when trying to charge your Nissan Leaf with no success. However, other issues, such as a defective battery, the charging schedule, or a faulty outlet, may also stop your car from charging or cause other problems.

Since there is a range of reasons why your Nissan Leaf may not want to charge, there is also a range of solutions, though some are easier to sort out than others. However, before you start worrying about the price of fixing the issue, it is best to start with the easier or more likely problems to see if a cheaper solution is possible since this is often the case.

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The Most Likely Reasons Why Your Nissan Leaf Isn’t Charging

Before we discuss the less likely, and often more expensive reasons why your Nissan Leaf may not be charging when it gets plugged in, it’s best to start with problems that may be easier to get sorted. Because of the warranties, Nissan has on their car, battery, and even the charging units, these issues may be easier to sort out if your warranty is still valid.

  • The Charging Schedule – Many electric cars have charging schedules that allow the car to charge during certain times of the day and overnight charging. If you are trying to charge your car at a time that is not on schedule, this may prevent your car from charging.

Depending on the model of Nissan Leaf, you can disable the charge timer or schedule in the car settings, usually under the emissions category, or you can press the button on the driver’s side next to the steering wheel that looks like a clock and a power cord. Another option is through the smartphone app that is appropriate for your Nissan leaf model.

Nissan Leaf information console.
Nissan Leaf Console.
  • A Faulty Charger – A faulty charging port is one of the most likely reasons your car may not be charging. There are some reports of people struggling with the charging ports that come standard with their Nissan Leaf cars, but luckily there is a simple solution.

To test if this is the issue, get your car to a fixed charger, like a public charger that delivers a rapid charge, and see if it charges. If it doesn’t charge, there is likely a problem with the charger, but if it does charge, you should be able to go to your nearest Nissan dealership to enquire about a new charger, which is especially useful if you still have a warranty.

  • A Faulty Charging Port – If the charger does not seem to be the problem, there may be a fault with the charging port on the car. One of the simplest ways to check if this is the issue is to take your car to a charging station that you know should work. If it doesn’t allow your car to charge, you should be able to get in touch with a Nissan dealership to get the problem sorted.

Other Reasons Why Your Nissan Leaf May Not Charge

Though the three things explained above are the most likely reasons your Nissan Leaf may not charge when plugged in, there are also some other issues you should consider. If you have tried the three possibilities above with no success, these may be able to help you get your charging sorted.

  • A Faulty Wall Outlet – If your car’s charger gets plugged into a non-working wall outlet, it is natural that the charger will not work to charge your car. The first thing you should do to test this is to check your breaker board to ensure the plug should receive electricity flow; if it is on but not working, you should try a different wall outlet.
  • A Problem With The Battery – The last reason your Nissan Leaf may not be charging is due to lousy battery health. If there are problems with the individual cells of your battery, you may be able to see the problems using “LeafSpy” smartphone app. If this is the problem, you should consult a Nissan Dealership.
Nissan Leaf battery pack.
Nissan Leaf Battery.


So if you are wondering why is my Nissan Leaf not charging, Though there are a couple of reasons why your Nissan Leaf may not be charging, most of them are simple enough to get fixed if your warranty still stands.

Try using a public charging station to see if it may be your home charger that’s at fault, there should be one nearby, sometimes called a destination charging station.

Check your smartphone app to see if there’s a problem with the battery pack, and look at the charge timers on your app and in the car.

Ultimately, the best idea, and the solution to most of the problems, is to take your car to a Nissan dealership if possible, but it is good to look for what the problem may be before you go.

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