What Is Nissan Leaf B Mode?




what is Nissan Leaf B mode. image of nissan leaf cockpit

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If you are interested in electric vehicles, you are probably familiar with the Nissan Leaf, which was introduced in 2010. The Nissan Leaf is electrically powered and comes with many energy-saving modes and programs, including a b mode.

Nissan Leaf B mode is a driving option that enhances the vehicle’s regenerative braking efficiency. The b-mode driving option increases the range you can travel on a charge and can be used in conjunction with all the other power-saving functions of the car.

LEAF is an acronym for Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car. The Nissan leaf runs solely on electricity stored in a battery pack. B mode increases the range you can travel by converting kinetic braking energy into electricity and then storing the electricity in the battery pack.

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What Is Nissan Leaf B Mode?

what is Nissan Leaf B mode. image of nissan leaf cockpit
Nissan Leaf Cockpit

B mode is also known as brake mode and works as follows. Driving a Nissan Leaf in b mode allows for slowing down to coasting speed without hitting the brakes simply by lifting your foot off the accelerator pedal.

How Does Nissan Leaf B Mode Work?

Driving an electric car is all about charging batteries and extending the range you can travel on a charge. The b mode on the Nissan Leaf was designed to extend your travel range.

The Nissan Leaf b mode works in the following way to save power and extend the traveling range.

  1. Engaging the b mode enhances the vehicles regenerating braking efficiency, which allows power generated from braking to be stored as energy in the battery. In effect, the additional power stored in the battery pack from braking tops up the battery while the vehicle is in use. This energy is referred to as kinetic energy.
  2. Using b mode when traveling downhill also extends your travel range since more power is generated through braking. Once again, the power generated can be stored in the battery that, in turn, enhances the range you can travel.
  3. B mode can be used with the ePedal function to enhance your travel range on a charge.

When To Use Nissan Leaf B Mode

For best results, use b mode when traveling in traffic or coasting. Ultimately engage b mode when driving downhill. B mode is excellent for city driving, providing a more extended range and better efficiency.

How To Engage Nissan Leaf B Mode

The default setting of the Nissan leaf is d mode. However, you can engage in b mode by stepping on the brake pedal and then shifting into b mode before driving.

Alternatively, you can switch between d and b modes while driving by shifting to the mode of choice.

Depending on your driving style, you may opt to only use the b mode or to shift between the d and b modes. The main objective for using b mode is to extend the range of the battery pack to ensure the longest possible ride on a charge.


Electric vehicles are all about clean energy, and the Nissan Leaf ticks all the boxes regarding efficiency and protecting the environment. When using B mode you will give your range a helping hand, turning the kinetic energy into more range.

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