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Are you an owner or soon-to-be-owner of a Nissan LEAF? If you’re new to owning this electric vehicle, you may be wondering “I now have a Nissan LEAF where to charge it“? Or, if you’re considering purchasing one, you’re probably wondering where you can charge it when you finally make that investment. This is a common question among many new owners and potential owners of electric vehicles (EVs).

Not to worry, though, you’re in luck. There are a few different places where you can go to charge your new Nissan LEAF electric car, depending on your needs, daily outings, and whether or not you are embarking on a multi-day trip. These places include your own home, public charging stations, and destination charging stations. 

No matter which charging option you choose for your new Nissan LEAF, as long as you charge it for the appropriate amount of time, you’re sure to get a decent charge that will last you up to 100 miles per charge. However, each of the places you can charge your Nissan LEAF comes with its own purposes and has its own advantages and disadvantages which we’ll discuss in more detail in the following article. 

Charging a Nissan LEAF at Home

The first place that you may consider charging your Nissan LEAF, and by far the most obvious choice, is at home. By choosing to charge your vehicle at home, you’re able to charge it while relaxing, doing some house or yard work, or while sleeping at night, which is the most common time for EV owners to let their vehicle get a full charge.

Upon purchase of your new Nissan LEAF, you should have received a Nissan Portable Charge Cable. This cable is compatible with 120-volt outlets and is the perfect cable for charging your electric car at home. When charging your Nissan LEAF at home, it will need a devoted 15-amp circuit. meaning that there should be no other electrical appliances hooked into the same circuit while your LEAF is charging.

If you plug it in with additional appliances, you risk the circuit overheating and causing electrical problems. 

Most of the time, electric car drivers are able to charge their cars with level 1 equipment which means there will be no additional costs or installations as long as there is an available outlet near where the car is parked. On average, the cost of charging your Nissan LEAF at home would cost around $5.14 for a full charge to the 149-mile range with a 20-hour charge cycle.

If you want a faster charge at home, you’ll have to invest in a level 2 charger which will require more out-of-pocket costs for both the equipment and installation. 

Charging Your Nissan Leaf at a Public Charging Station

When it comes to charging your Nissan Leaf at a public charging station, you’re guaranteed to get faster charging times than what you would get at home, which makes this a popular choice for many electric car owners. This is especially convenient for those who have daily errands and tasks that require them to leave their home and use their electric car on a day-to-day basis.

Many public charging stations use a method referred to as fast charging, DC quick charging, or Level 3 charging. The Nissan LEAF comes with CHAdeMO technology which allows for a quick charge when connected to a CHAdeMO connector.

However, these connectors are designed for commercial locations and not for use at home, so if you want to make use of these fast-charging stations, you will have to visit a public charging station in order to do so.

These fast charging stations and connectors can be found in public places such as office buildings, grocery stores, shopping malls, and electronic stores. By using a fast-charging station, your Nissan LEAF can get a full charge within minutes instead of hours, making it a convenient choice for those who are running errands, visiting family or friends, shopping, or going to appointments.

Using public charging is fast, convenient, and easy, and will benefit you most when you’re out and about in the city or town.

Destination Chargers

Destination chargers are the third and final option for charging electric vehicles. These charging stations are designed to support those who are driving multiple days at a time without a break, such as when families go on vacations or those who have to travel out of state for business. This way, their vehicles can charge while the inhabitants get some much-needed R;R. 

Destination chargers are typically found near hotels or Airbnb vacation homes and condo rentals. By using these charging stations, travelers can save quite a bit of time by allowing their electric vehicle, in this case, their Nissan LEAF, to charge overnight while they get some rest for the next day’s continued trip. 

Yes, travelers could also make use of public charging stations to quickly charge their vehicles; however, it makes more sense when taking multi-day trips to use destination chargers instead. This way you can leave your vehicle to charge at night instead of having to make additional stops through the day to get a charge from a public station.

Plus, if you’re feeling tired through the day on the road, you can always rest at a destination charging station while your vehicle charges, too, to recoup some of your lost energy.


There are many charging options available for electric vehicle owners; so if you own a Nissan LEAF and you’re wondering, “I have a Nissan LEAF, where do I charge it now?”, then your options are plentiful. Between at-home charging, public charging stations, and destination chargers, you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’ll get your next charge at.

There’s no wrong option when it comes to choosing where to charge your Nissan LEAF as each place has its own pros and cons; mostly, it will boil down to preferences, what you’re doing, and whether or not you’re doing a multi-day trip. 

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