Is It Ok To Charge My Nissan Leaf To 100%?




Close up image of a Nissan Leaf battery

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Nissan Leaf is a complete electrical vehicle driven by energy that is stored in chargeable batteries. All batteries discharge and needs to be disposed of or recharged. Fortunately, you do not need to replace the batteries on your Nissan Leaf every time they run empty.

You only need to recharge them, and off you go! So is it ok to charge my Nissan Leaf to 100%

It is perfectly ok to charge your Nissan Leaf to 100%. No harm would come to the batteries if you were to charge them 100% every time you recharge. Nissan incorporated a built-in software protection system that regulates the charge, protecting the battery from overcharging.

Nissan Leaf uses lithium-ion batteries that degrade in small increments over time, the same as any other battery.

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Is It Ok To Charge Your Nissan Leaf To 100%?

Close up image of a Nissan Leaf battery
Is It Ok To Charge My Nissan Leaf To 100%? 4

Kenneth Hankins, the shop supervisor at Future Nissan, allegedly confirmed that it is possible to charge a Nissan Leaf to 100%. Moreover, you can charge to 100% every night without damaging the battery since the battery has a protection system that regulates the charge.

Can I Damage My Nissan Leaf If I Charge To 100%?

The protection system software will prevent the battery from being overcharged and protect it against damage. So you can safely plug in, leave to charge and return when the battery is ultimately charged.

6 Tips To Keep Your Nissan Leaf Battery Healthy

Nissan Leaf uses lithium-ion batteries that deteriorate in small increments over time. Therefore, at some point, the battery of a Nissan Leaf will have to be replaced, and every owner of a Nissan Leaf would like to postpone replacing the battery if possible.

Six tips to extend the life of your Nissan Leaf Battery.

  1. Choose the Nissan Leaf B mode to maximize the efficiency of the car.
  1. Slow and steady acceleration after stopping and driving in stop-go traffic is better for battery efficiency. Using the e-Pedal automatically assists you in riding smoother while saving energy.
  1. High or extreme ambient temperatures can cause damage to the battery, so always park in the shade during summer and store your car in a garage during wintertime. When taking long drives, refrain from rapid charging too often.
  1. Always allow the vehicle and battery to cool down completely before recharging. Charging the battery while warm will put unnecessary stress on it, shortening its life.
  2. Avoid using rapid charges too often since it will shorten the battery’s lifespan.
  1. Even though you can charge your Nissan Leaf to 100%, it is not advisable if you want to prolong the life of the battery. To maximize the lifespan of your Leaf’s battery, keep the charge level between two and ten bars. Refrain from leaving the car discharged for longer than fourteen days. Always keep the battery partially charged when not in use.

Nissan plans to have eighty percent of its sales be electric vehicles by 2030. Their short-term goal is to have their entire range as fully electric vehicles or hybrids by 2025

Vector of man waving underneath a fully charged battery.
100% Full Battery


Electric vehicles are the future and charging them is a necessity. So, enjoy your Nissan Leaf and charge to your heart’s delight. Enjoy the ride!

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