How Long Does it Take to Charge a Chevrolet Bolt?




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If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, then you must have thought about buying the new Chevy Bolt. There’s no question that the Chevy Bolt is a fantastic electric vehicle for drivers.

But what is the charging time for the Chevrolet Bolt?? Due to the fact that the Bolt is equipped with multiple charging options, you can charge this device completely within 9.5 hours.

There are even times when it is possible to get an extended range of up to 90 miles in just a short period of time. This guide will break down all the information you need to know about charging your Chevy Bolt and all the options available to you. 

What Options are Available for my Chevrolet Bolt?

Your Chevy Bolt is unable to charge itself fully but can be charged with an electric car charger, but there are three different levels of charging that really determine how fast you can charge your car.

So it is important to understand which one you are using and the time it takes for each individual charger. It is easy to get confused with what one you are using so this should make things simple.

Having said that, you can expect the car to travel for around 238 miles when fully charged, which makes it a great choice for long-distance travel and everyday use since you won’t have to charge it constantly.

Because of this, it is much more efficient than a fuel-powered vehicle because it will save you a lot of money.

Level 1 Basic Charging

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This level 1 charger we suggest to you is ideal for your Chevy Bolt and is regarded as the basic essential type of charger.

With this charger, you are able to use an electrical outlet inside your home that is capable of handling 110-120 volts, allowing you to charge your car.

Normal chargers provide up to 8 miles per hour, but the EVSE speeds are up to 2x faster than your car’s original charger, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time waiting around.

You can really get the most of this specific charger and with this being compatible with the Chevy Bolt it is the perfect option you have to purchase so you can get the most miles out of your charge.

The frequency of charging your car is up to you. However, since it is a level one charger, it is recommended to charge the car every night or every other day.

Level 2 Fast Charging

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A 240-volt charger is required for Level 2, or fast charging. This means the car will be charged at approximately 25 miles per hour. A professional electrician is required to install the level 2 charging plug if you are installing at home.

As you go up the charging levels, you will find that they become more costly. If you use this method, it should take about 9.5 hours for a full recharge to take place. The vast majority of public electric car charging stations are fast charging stations.

If you have used one of these charging stations before you will be familiar with the information when using it. The Pulsar Plus EVSE provides a lot more power than the level 1 charger which means it charges your car 7x faster.

This method of charging is great for those who drive a lot of miles a day and is a more efficient way to charge your car than the level 1. If you do not drive far at all, we recommend sticking to the basic charging method

Buyer’s Guide

Level 3 Super Fast Charging

The last level and method of charging is level 3. It is the fastest method to charge your car, however it is not available to purchase on Amazon.

There are some public charging stations which provide super fast charging for electric vehicles. After around 30 minutes of charging time, you will be able to achieve 90 miles of range.

In order to utilize this method, your Chevy Bolt must be equipped with a DC fast charger port in order to make this method possible. The DC fast charger is available as an optional extra for Bolt owners and is a great gadget if you’re on the go and need to recharge your battery completely. 

In just up to an hour, this electric car charger can help you to recharge up to 160 miles of range for your vehicle.

This is of course a method every Chevy Bolt user would want to have but with it being so costly you will come to find most owners will have just level 1 and 2 at their home.

What Charger is Best?

Deciding what charger is best is a challenge. It is easy to say level 3 chargers are the best because they charge the device the fastest, however there is a lot more to it than that.

When you use your Chevy Bolt for the first time, you have to determine what type of driver you are. 

There is a good chance that you will need a level 2 or level 3 charger if you drive all day, in which case you will find these to be the best chargers out there.

Those who drive leisurely will benefit more from the level 1 charger, since it saves them money by not having to purchase any of the options above it.

Whenever you are planning on using one of these chargers, you should make sure that you are aware of all the electrical requirements, such as the voltage and so on. Ensure that you know what your specific car requires and what is safe to use.

Speed and performance is always going to be a massive part in making your decision for which charger you decide to purchase.


This guide has broken down all three charging methods you can use on your Chevy Bolt. The speeds of which have been broken down in detail and now it is just up to you to decide which charger will suit your needs best. As the level increases, the price will increase.

Remember that. It is imperative that you find a time when you will not use your Chevy Bolt because charging it overnight while you are not using it will be the most efficient method.

This is because a full charge will take longer than just a brief charge, which is why overnight charging is the ideal time to do this.

Should you be searching for a new charger, check out the recommended two if you don’t already have one.

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