Does The Nissan Leaf Have A Tracker?

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Most cars need aftermarket trackers that are sophisticated and use advanced technology. Some vehicles come fitted with the manufacturer’s tracking device. What about electric cars, does the Nissan Leaf have a tracker?

The Nissan Leaf is fitted with a manufacturer’s My Car Finder tracking device. Nissan makes it to assist the owner or driver in locating the vehicle anywhere at any time. The My Car Finder tracking device uses a cellular network for easy and accurate tracking.

A manufacturer’s tracking device may only have limited functionality compared to advanced GPS trackers. It is a primary method to keep your car safe and locatable. It will be connected to an application designed by individual automotive brands such as Nissan. Let’s look at the Nissan Leaf’s tracker.

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Does The Nissan Leaf Have A Tracker?

The Nissan leaf has a tracker called My Car Finder, and it helps you find your parked Nissan from almost any location and at any time. This tracker is used through a cell network. Your location may limit the Nissan Leaf’s cellular network signal strength and connection.

If you’d like to install your own tracker to feel less anxious about losing your Nissan Leaf’s cellular network signal strength and not locating your car, that’s also possible.

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How To Install A Tracker In My Nissan Leaf

Installing a GPS tracker in your car can make all the difference when needing to return a car after it is stolen or tracking your car while it’s being shipped to another place. Many different tracker devices are available, meaning many ways to install trackers.

The OBD II Port is one of the fastest ways to install a GPS tracker in your car. This tracker plugs into the 16-pin port in your vehicle. It can start tracking your car and record important information about how it is being driven.

You don’t need special tools to install the car tracker either. It is simply a plug-in-to-use device. If you’d like to move the device’s location to a different part of your car where it is not as noticeable or so it is out of your way, you can buy an extension cable for the OBD II port.

The extension plugs into the port and provides the perfect length to move the GPS out of sight. You’ll need to plug the device into the end of the extension for it to work. The installation of the tracking device is easy and fast.

Another idea to install your tracking device is to have the GPS hardwired to the car’s battery. At the same time, this may be pretty simple to do. It’s something a professional mechanic should instead do. They can hardwire your tracker, so it is near the battery rather than being inside your car.

A benefit of having the tracker installed by the battery is that it is out of the way, and thieves are much less likely to know that there is a tracker in the car when they steal it. A typical GPS tracking system at current prices usually costs around $50 to $125 per vehicle.

The Best Place To Install A Tracker In A Nissan Leaf

When you install a tracking device, you’d want it out of sight so that if a thief takes your car, they won’t see it and possibly remove the tracker. So here are some of the best places to put a tracking device in your vehicle.

  • In the dashboard: Many experts recommend installing your GPS tracker within your dashboard to conceal the tracker. Similar to the way the radio is hidden. This tracker takes the power supply directly from your vehicle, so you won’t have to take it out to charge it.
  • Under your car: To install a GPS tracker under your car, you’ll need to use a magnetic tracking device that will easily stick to any metallic things. Youll also needs to ensure that the device is waterproof. If it is not, you can cover it with a case to make it waterproof to protect it from getting damaged by dirt, water, and snow.
  • Inside your seat: Installing a GPS inside your car seat will make it difficult for anyone to find it. The idea is to take out some of the seams of the seat and install it inside there, then you can sew up your seat, and the device is hidden.


Even though the Nissan Leaf comes ready with a smart tracker like the My Car Finder, nothing prevents you from installing the latest aftermarket car tracker.

Many people prefer satellite tracking for extra peace of mind and lower insurance payments. And to give you peace of mind in the event you have a poor cellular network signal strength.

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