Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without Pedalling?




Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without Pedaling

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Most of us have long-lasting memories and wonderful experiences of riding our bikes. It might be the first time you rode as a child without your mum and dad by your side you remember or it could even be your teenage years that were spent flying through the neighborhood with your friends.

Either way, bikes have been a big part of a lot of our lives. Even now as adults we find joy and pleasure in riding leisurely through a forest or on our daily commutes to work. 

Riding is an environmentally friendly way of getting from A to B. In recent years the desire we have to get from A to B quickly or ride more efficiently has seen a huge development in bikes produced

In recent years a new kind of bike has been developed that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. This is the electric bike. The electric bike is growing in popularity.

These economical and environmentally friendly bikes make travelling around a breeze thanks to their battery-powered technology. Despite their impressive ability and great technology many people find themselves asking the same question.

That question is can you ride an electric bike without pedalling? Many ask this question because they wonder if the joy is being taken out of cycling. In this article, we will look at the electric bike and provide you with an answer to that very question. 

What Is An Electric Bike?

For those that don’t know an electric bike is a motorized bicycle that has an electric motor integrated into the frame of the bike, the crank, and the pedals to assist with the propulsion of the bike. When the cyclist pedals the bike the motor begins to kick in, giving the rider help as they move.

As the cyclist still has to pedal the bike in order to move it, these types of bicycles aren’t classed as electric motorcycles. This means they are defined under their own set of laws.

There are many kinds of electric bikes available but they generally fall into two categories. One of those categories is bikes that assist the rider’s pedal power and the other is bikes that add a throttle integrating moped-style functionality.

Both of these types of bikes retain the ability to pedal, therefore not falling into the category of electric motorcycles. 

Electric bikes also referred to as E-bikes use rechargeable batteries. They can typically travel from 25 to 32 km/h. More high-powered models can even travel more than 45 km/h.

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

To answer the main question in this article we need to understand how electric bikes actually work. 

E-bikes will typically have a number of different assistance levels that can be selected via a button, usually found on the handlebars or the top tube. This button lets you choose how much propulsion you want the motor to give you as you ride.

The more assistance used, the shorter the distance the bike will take you. It is always a good idea to save maximum assistance for uphill rides. 

The motor on your electric bike will automatically switch on the motor when you pedal. It does this by sensing how much power you are putting into the pedals thanks to a torque sensor. The motor then responds proportionally.

The harder you pedal, the more the motor will help you. Although riding the bike will feel just like a normal bike ride, you might also feel as though you have really strong legs. 

Electric bikes will vary in the assistance levels they offer but most tend to offer roughly four different levels of assistance. Depending on the motor fitted to the bike the maximum can range from 250% to 400% of your input while the lowest eco mode adds approximately 40% and 60% extra push. 

Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without Pedalling?

The answer to the big question is no, you cannot ride an electric bike without pedalling. As you can see from the information we have already provided there are a number of important features and laws that make pedalling a necessity when it comes to riding your electric bike. 

Firstly an electric bike is only classified as an electric bike if a person has to pedal to start the motor. A bike that doesn’t require the individual to pedal quite simply isn’t an electric bike, instead, it is classified as an electric motorcycle. 

Secondly, it is simply impossible to start your electric bike without pedalling. Electric bikes are designed so that the motor kicks in when the user inputs enough pushing force which is done, yep you guessed it, through pedalling.

The motor on an electric bike provides more support the harder a user rides. The amount the bike can help depends on how much assistance has been selected but it will only ever help once you have done at least a little bit of pedalling. 

Admittedly you don’t have to do too much cycling as the motor will do most of it for you but riding an electric bike isn’t too much different from riding any other type of bike. In fact, with an electric bike, you still have the option to use the bike normally.

The motor can be turned off if you want to ride the bike just like old times. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes


  • Makes cycling accessible– Electric bikes make it easier for seniors or those physically unable to travel longer distances.
  • Environmentally friendly– Riding an electric bike is great for the environment. 
  • Faster travel- You can ride faster on an electric bike and take on big hills with no trouble whatsoever.
  • Commute easily– E-bikes make that hard, sweaty journey to work so much easier.
  • Versatile– They perform well on or off-road. 
  • Can ride normally– You don’t always have to use the motor. You can ride an E-bike like any other bike.


  • Expensive– Electric bikes can be double the price of a standard bicycle.
  • Long charging time- You will have to charge your bike’s battery regularly. This can sometimes take a lot of time. 
  • Heavier– Electric bikes are heavier than standard bicycles due to their batteries and motors.   


Electric bicycles are an excellent way to get around quickly or for big adventures with friends and family. These environmentally friendly bikes have grown massively in popularity in the last few years and it’s not hard to see why.

Hopefully, you feel satisfied that this article has answered the question you came here wanting to know the answer to. You still have to pedal when riding an electric bicycle. It is impossible to ride one without pedalling. 

The more you pedal, the more the bike assists you but it will never replace the traditional way in which we cycle. Having said that it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw further developments in the way E-bikes work.

With more technology coming out all the time we can expect to see further changes made in the future that will make the bikes even more impressive.

Now you know electric bikes still require you to pedal are you considering buying one? If you are we are sure you will enjoy this fun and enjoyable way of getting around whether it be your daily commute to work or a day out with friends. 

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