7 Best Electric Bikes For Tall Men




E bikes for tall men

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Electric bikes continue to be all the rage, especially for young professionals living in urban environments. These bikes offer an environmentally friendly and affordable way to get around that also helps you to keep fit at the same time.

Still, finding an electric bike that’s comfortable for tall men to ride can be pretty challenging.

Some of the best electric bikes for tall men come from brands like Swagtron, Sailnovo, Kemanner, Kespor, Tern Vektron, SixThreeZero, and Pedego.

The best e-bikes for tall men are those that offer adjustable handlebars, seats, and other features. These features allow the rider to customise the bike to fit their body perfectly and avoid slouching over at any time.

In this article, we’re going to review 7 of the best electric bikes for tall men available on the market today. We’ll share the key features of each bike with you and highlight what we like the most about each one.

At the end of the article, we’ll also provide you with a few quick tips on what you should look for when shopping for an electric bike that’s suitable for tall men.

Let’s get started.

E bikes for tall men
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The Top 7 Electric Bikes For Tall Men

The EB5 Pro City; Campus Folding Bike by Swagtron

What it is: To kick off this list, we’ll be looking at an electric bike from the brand Swagtro. To be exact, we’re looking at the EB5 Pro City; Campus Folding Bike.

As the name suggests, this is a folding electric bike. Unfortunately, foldable models are still viewed as being somewhat inferior to non-foldable models in the world of electric bikes.

Swagtron, and several other foldable bikes on this list, prove that foldable electric bikes have come a long way.

Newer models can stand up quite well to their non-folding counterparts, and better yet, they can also accommodate tall riders very well.

The Swagtron EB5 Pro City; Campus folding bike only takes 4-5 hours to charge fully. In exchange for that time, the bike can take you a total of 15.5 miles, making it well worth the effort.

Besides that, the bike comes pre-assembled so that you can ride it immediately without any initial setup.

Key features:

  • Range of 15.5 miles on a full charge
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Foldable and takes up little space
  • Adjustable parts, suitable for tall users

Why we like it: Swagtron did an excellent job designing the EB5. However, we love this bike because of how adjustable all of the parts are.

Being adjustable means that you can customize the EB5 to suit your needs perfectly, no matter how tall you are.

More importantly, even though the bike is foldable and adjustable, it’s still as solid as a non-foldable bike. The EB5 feels incredibly solid when you’re riding it, so it’s pretty easy to forget that you’re riding a foldable e-bike, to begin with.

Electric Bicycle by Sailnovo

What it is: Next on our list is the electric bicycle by Sailnovo. This model comes with a 350W motor that can cover a distance of up to 18.6 miles on a single charge.

One notable feature is the LCD control panel which is convenient, especially when riding around at night or in low-light conditions.

This electric bicycle by Sailnovo comes with three modes: you can switch between using it as a traditional bicycle, turning on the pedal assist, or riding around as a pure electric bike.

Key Features:

  • Range of 18.6 miles on a full charge
  • LCD control panel
  • Rated for 120 kilograms or 264 pounds
  • Fully adjustable gears and handlebar

Why we like it: There are two main reasons we like this Sailnovo electric bicycle. Firstly, the bike itself has a very straightforward design. That means using it and adjusting all of its parts is highly intuitive, so most people won’t need a manual to figure it out.

Besides that, the bike is also rated for a maximum weight of 120 kilograms or 264 pounds. Taller male users will tend to be heavier than the average electric bike rider, so a solid e-bike that can carry extra weight is a must.

Electric Mountain Bike by Kemanner

What it is: A lot of electric bikes are designed mainly for urban use. Still, there are loads of e-bikes on the market for more rugged use, such as this electric mountain bike by Kemanner.

Here, what we have is a bike made of premium materials and parts. For instance, the aluminium alloy body makes the bike more durable overall, whether on urban stress or off-road when mountain biking.

Besides that, this Kemanner electric bike also boasts a premium braking system consisting of front and rear mechanical disc brakes. These will do a fantastic job stopping the bike no matter what the weather conditions might be.

Key features:

  • The 30-mile range on pedal assist mode
  • 21-speed gears
  • 250W motor
  • USB port to share power with other devices

Why we like it: What we love the most about this bike by Kemanner is that it’s designed for more rugged use.

As mentioned before, many electric bicycles are aimed at urban users for their daily commute, such as going to and from work each day.

While this bike will do well in those conditions, it’s also able to hold its own as a mountain bike.

Tall electric bike users will appreciate the versatility of using this bike to commute on weekdays and mountain biking on weekends.

K7 Folding Bike by Kespor

What it is: People often have negative perceptions of folding electric bikes. That’s somewhat understandable, seeing as how foldable e-bikes used to come with a lot of tradeoffs.

But that’s not the case with more recent models, and the K7 Folding Bike by Kespor is a perfect example of the quality of folding electric bikes these days.

As you might expect, this e-bike has both an adjustable handlebar as well as an adjustable seat.

It’s also incredibly lightweight, which makes it convenient to carry around, especially when you’ve folded it down.

That makes it ideal for urban environments and daily commutes since you’d be able to carry it on public transportation without a problem.

Despite being lightweight and foldable, this bike impresses with its ability to sustain up to 230 pounds in weight and still go fast with up to 7 different speed settings.

Key features:

  • Can sustain up to 230 pounds
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Adjustable handlebar and alloy seat
  • Seven speeds

Why we like it: In our opinion, we love this bike primarily because of how solid and well-built it is. Even though it’s foldable, it remains solid enough for a person of up to 230 pounds in weight to use.

That means even if you’re far above average in both height and weight, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of a foldable electric bike such as this one.

Besides that, the solid construction that features alloy parts and disc brakes also come together to keep you safe even when you’re riding at higher speeds.

S10 Folding Electric Bike By Tern Vektron

What it is: As we’ve seen on this list so far, finding durable, foldable electric bicycles for tall men isn’t as difficult as one might assume.

Still, even among those kinds of e-bikes, you can find various models at different price points.

So, if you’re looking for an electric bike that’s tough, and foldable, but also with more premium parts, then you’ll want to check out the S10 Folding Electric Bike by Tern Vektron.

The S10 Folding Electric Bike is foldable, comes with plenty of adjustable parts, and is suitable for taller and heavier individuals.

However, this Tern Vektron bike stands out above the rest for its hydraulic disk brakes and fat tyres. Besides that, it also has a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with plenty of power and torque to suit anyone’s needs.

Key features:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Fat tyres
  • 62-mile range
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar

Why we like it: It’s hard to pinpoint just one reason why we love Tern Vektron’s S10 Folding Electric Bike. Firstly, we love the fact that it’s a well-built foldable e-bike.

As we’ve mentioned before, foldable bikes sometimes come with the tradeoff of being less durable than their non-folding versions. That’s certainly not the case with this S10 e-bike.

But more importantly, we have to say that we appreciate how Tern Vektron includes top-of-the-line parts and features in this bike.

For instance, the powerful motor by the German company Bosch is robust and designed specifically for use on electric bicycles.

On top of that, the hydraulic disc brakes and fat tyres show that Tern Vektron spared no expense in designing this bike either.

EVRYjourney 500W Sixthreezero

What it is: Some electric bikes are designed primarily for better performance, while others are designed with safety in mind above all else.

However, this bike by Sixthreezero is designed to provide the rider with the highest degree of comfort possible on an electric bike.

As you might expect, the EVRYjourney electric bike is suitable for tall men (it wouldn’t be on this list, otherwise).

However, you’ll have no problems adjusting the bike to suit your body, and you can rest assured knowing that it can take a maximum load of 250 pounds.

However, where this bike truly excels is in its comfortable design. The saddle is extra-wide, and the grips are incredibly soft.

On top of that, the entire frame is ergonomically designed so that your body will fit around naturally, without hunching or anything of that sort.

Motor-wise, the EVRYjourney 500W bike by Sixthreezero is powered by a 500-watt rear hub motor that can reach top speeds of 28 mph (on pedal assist), taking you as far as 20 miles on a fully charged battery.

Key features:

  • 7-speed electric bike
  • Comfortable features with ergonomic designs
  • Handles riders up to 250 pounds
  • 20-mile range

Why we like it: If you’re a tall person, you’ll truly appreciate how this bike seems like it’s entirely designed for comfort.

The ergonomic design, the comfortable handles, and of course, the adjustable features all make this bike a dream to ride.

Whether you’re taking it to work on your daily commute or just enjoying a leisurely ride through the neighbourhood, this bike will keep you feeling comfortable all the way to your destination.

City Commuter by Pedego

What it is: Last but not least, we have the City Commuter electric bike by Pedego. This model is a cruiser-style electric bike that comes with 28-inch wheels with an adjustable seat and handlebars.

The bike can go as fast as 20 mph thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery similar to what’s being used in electric cars.

This Pedego electric bike also offers five different levels of pedal assist and a twist throttle that’s very intuitive to use.

If you’re looking for a bike that’s got some serious connectivity, this is the one for you. It has USB charging ports to share power with your other devices like smartphones and tablets.

Plus, the battery also has Bluetooth connectivity which connects to the Pedego app on your smartphone.

Key features:

  • 28 tyres
  • Adjustable handlebars and wide seat
  • 20mph maximum speed
  • LCD, USB charger, and Bluetooth connectivity

Why we like it: Of course, the first thing we like about the City Commuter electric bike by Pedego is that it’s fully adjustable to accommodate tall riders.

The handlebars can be adjusted to ensure you’ll never have to hunch over, plus the seat is wide enough to keep everyone seated comfortably.

However, this Pedego electric bike stands out with all of the onboard tech.

Riders who appreciate features like USB ports will love this bike, especially since it helps you keep your devices charged while you’re on the move.

Plus, the powerful lithium-ion battery also places it well above the rest of the bikes on this list, at least in the battery department.

Not only will the battery keep the bike powered up for maximum output, but it’ll also turn the bike into one big, rideable charging station for your other devices.

How To Choose An Electric Bike For Tall Men

With the popularity of electric bikes these days, not all brands and models are made the same.

When it comes to buying an electric bike for a tall man, you’ll need to consider the crank arm length, the height and build of the handlebar, and the wheel size and frame.

Whether you’re gifting an electric bike to a tall man or buying one for yourself, here are the qualities that you should look out for.

Crank-Arm Length

Whenever anyone discusses the ‘crank-arm length’ on an electric bike, they’re referring to the length between the bottom axle to the centre of the pedal axle.

Generally, it’s understood that a shorter crank-arm length is comfortable for most people. While that might be true, it’s often not the case with much taller riders.

So, when buying an electric bike for a tall man, the crank-arm length is something worth looking at closely.

On most electric bikes, you’ll find a crank arm that measures about 165mm, give or take a few millimetres. Most men of average height will find that to be comfortable enough.

However, if you’re taller than average, say six feet and above, you’ll want to try out longer crank arms and find one that’s more comfortable for you.

Don’t worry, though. Finding a more extended crank arm is pretty straightforward. If your local electric bike retailer doesn’t have it, you could always find one online.

Handlebar Height and Frame

Taller men will also find that their arms are too long for standard handlebars on electric bikes. So, finding an excellent electric bike also means getting one with handlebars that can keep your upper body comfortable.

To do this, you’ll need to find an electric bike with a longer handlebar stem. If your preferred electric bike doesn’t have them, then here are two aftermarket options you can consider:

  • Add spacers: If the handlebars are too low for your liking, you could purchase spacers to make them higher.
  • Longer angled stem: Depending on how tall you are, spacers might not be enough to do the trick. Sure, they’ll make handlebars higher, but the angles might not be comfortable enough for you.

So, another option would be to use handlebars with a longer and more angled stem instead.

The bottom line is this: even though it might be challenging to find an electric bike that’s comfortable for a very tall man, it’s not impossible. Plus, there are plenty of aftermarket solutions that can be of use as well.

Wheel Size

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider the wheel size as well. As a tall man, you’re probably carrying more body mass compared to someone shorter. So, you’ll want to choose electric bikes with stronger wheels.

A good example would be to pick titanium or steel wheels that are slightly larger than stock wheels.

Firstly, having excellent wheels will make it easier for your electric bike to sustain your weight. But more importantly, it’ll also guarantee a comfortable and smooth ride for you every time.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about electric bikes for tall men.

What are the best electric bikes for tall men?

The best electric bikes for tall men are those that offer a larger frame size and adjustable components to accommodate taller riders.

Some popular options include the Trek Verve+, Specialized Turbo Vado, and Giant Explore E+.

These bikes have a comfortable riding position, sturdy frame, and powerful motor to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride for taller individuals.

Additionally, they often come with features like wider handlebars and longer seat posts to cater to taller riders.

How can I find an electric bike that is suitable for a taller rider?

To find an electric bike suitable for a taller rider, it is important to consider the frame size, adjustability, and geometry of the bike.

Look for models that offer larger frame sizes, typically labelled as XL or XXL, as these will provide a more comfortable fit for taller individuals.

Additionally, check if the bike has adjustable components like handlebars and seat posts, which can help fine-tune the riding position.

It is also recommended to visit local bike shops and test-ride different models to ensure a proper fit and comfort.

Are there specific features, such as a suspension fork, that are important for a comfortable ride for taller riders?

Yes, specific features like a suspension fork can greatly contribute to a comfortable ride for taller riders.

A suspension fork helps absorb shocks and vibrations from uneven terrain, providing a smoother ride.

Taller individuals often have a higher centre of gravity, which can make them more susceptible to feeling bumps and jolts.

A suspension fork helps to mitigate this and increase overall comfort. Additionally, larger wheels, such as 29-inch or 700c, can also improve ride quality and stability for taller riders.

What is the load capacity of electric bikes for tall men?

The load capacity of electric bikes for tall men can vary depending on the specific model and brand.

However, many electric bikes have a load capacity of around 250-300 pounds, which should be suitable for most taller riders.

It is always recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the bike can support your weight and any additional cargo you may carry.

How far can I ride on a single charge with an electric bike for tall men?

The range of an electric bike for tall men depends on various factors, including the battery capacity, motor power, terrain, rider weight, and level of pedal assist used.

On average, most electric bikes offer a range of 40-80 miles on a single charge. However, taller riders may experience slightly reduced range due to their higher weight and potentially increased wind resistance.

It is always advisable to consult the manufacturer’s specifications or test ride the bike to better understand its range of capabilities.

Do electric bikes for tall men have a pedal-assist mode?

Yes, electric bikes for tall men often come with a pedal-assist mode. Pedal-assist, also known as electric assist or e-assist, is a feature that provides assistance to the rider while pedalling.

It amplifies the power exerted by the rider and makes pedalling easier, especially when climbing hills or dealing with headwinds. Pedal-assist modes usually offer multiple levels of assistance, allowing riders to choose the desired level of power and conserve battery life when needed.

Can I adjust the seat post to accommodate taller riders?

Many electric bikes allow the adjustment of the seat post to accommodate taller riders.

Seat posts can typically be raised or lowered to find the optimal riding position and leg extension.

However, it is important to check the specific bike’s design and limitations.

Some bikes may have a minimum insertion line on the seat post that should not be exceeded for safety reasons. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or visit a local bike shop for assistance in adjusting the seat post properly.

Are there electric bikes with larger wheels available for taller men?

Yes, there are electric bikes with larger wheels available for taller men. Bikes with larger wheel sizes, such as 29-inch or 700c, can provide a more comfortable ride for taller individuals.

These larger wheels offer improved stability, better-rolling resistance, and enhanced traction. They also help to increase the overall height of the bike, making it a better fit for taller riders.

Many electric bike manufacturers offer models with larger wheels specifically designed for taller individuals.

Are there specific frame sizes or larger sizes available for electric bikes for tall men?

Electric bikes for tall men often come in specific frame sizes or larger sizes to cater to taller riders.

These larger frame sizes, typically labelled as XL or XXL, offer a longer top tube, a taller head tube, and increased standover height.

This ensures a more comfortable riding position and a better fit for taller individuals.

It is recommended to check the manufacturer’s size guide and consult with local bike shops to find the appropriate frame size for your height.

Do electric bikes for tall men come with hydraulic brakes for added safety and control?

Some electric bikes for tall men do come with hydraulic brakes for added safety and control.

Hydraulic brakes offer better-stopping power, and improved modulation, and require less effort to engage compared to mechanical brakes.

They are especially beneficial for taller riders with increased weight and higher speeds, as they provide reliable and consistent braking performance.

However, not all electric bikes come with hydraulic brakes, so it is important to check the specifications or inquire with the manufacturer or bike shop to determine if a specific model offers this feature.

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